Aura room

The rooms are open and have a gentle atmosphere with a female perspective in mind.
Under the window, you can overlook the sea and the calm Ine Bay.
The sound of the waves, the voice of seagulls, and the sight of ships coming and going are like coming to a distant country ...
When the weather is nice, the morning sun illuminates the room.

The interior is based on three colors, white and dark brown, with blue as an accent.

Ine Bay where calm time flows with the voice of seagulls
From the window facing the east side, the light of the morning sun illuminates the room.

A bright wash basin with outside light coming in through the window. With stool so that you can sit down and make up.

It is a washlet-compatible restroom. The red flower wallpaper creates a slightly gorgeous space.

Restrooms and baths are available on the same 2nd floor as the guest rooms.