About Aura

The name “Aura” comes from the Latin word “aura”, which means breeze or gentle breeze.
It is also the goddess of the breeze “Aura” in Greek mythology. It is an inn that was considered from the perspective of women.
Funaya Minshuku Aura’s concept is “an inn where you can enjoy the Funaya as it is, while having a gentle atmosphere and an attentive space.
Only the guest rooms have been renovated so that you can see the appearance of the boathouse as it is, so that you can feel the gap with the exterior.
The guest rooms are designed with a relaxed atmosphere in mind, with the female owner consulting with the architect from the renovation stage to create a comfortable space for customers.
Also, since it is limited to one group per day, you can relax in a private space.

From “Funaya Aura”
The Ine Funaya group, which was selected as an important traditional buildings preservation area, is built around the bay. “Aura” is an inn limited to one group per day, which was created by renovating a part of such a boathouse. Please feel free to contact us as we will respond to your requests while keeping your private time and creating a relaxing space.